Backwards & Frontwards.

I posted just because of this:

Day 2. Your least favorite song.

I can tell that this will be a hard.
I want to say Ke$ha. Or T-Swift. Lady Ga-ga. Justin Beaver.
Insert 2009-2010 pop-indie band here. Nikki Minaj. Brokencyde. 3Oh3. Breathe Carolina. Blood On The Dance Floor. Or any band who thinks swaying a keytar is making music. No, but I'm not going to say them.

"Piece Of Me" by Britney Spears.

No good. I hate that song and how many nominations it got at the VMAs when NOBODY knew about it's existence. You know what? That whole Blackout album was just horrbs. Everything about it...needs a second look over.
Britney...do better. kthanks.


#28: I want to be able to walk through walls, cure disease, but I'm not Jesus and you're just a boy.

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