It's Worth Living, Now.

Would I kid you, dear?
The church pews are empty but my tear ducts are not.
I want equilibrium.
Out of this ugly house and into God's heavenly arms.
Not death.
That's too tricky and messy.
Lists, lists, lists, plans.
I make them and break them.
Be still my ever still heart and do my bidding.
This is to the still and quiet who fear that ever omnipresence.
This is to the shadows that I see but don't see.
This is to the blind, the weary, the weak spirited.
Psalm 103:11.
What do we have to fear?
What should we tremble unconsciously behind?
You're offshore waving good-bye.
I'm feeling the wooden pier against my feet.
It hurts, but it's worth it.

I cried while I wrote in my journal.

#31: We're the coolest kids and we take what we can get.

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Seo said...

Big changes a'comin', babeh. :) Good ones.

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