San Angelo.

Wow, okay. So I moved up to San Angelo for school. It's been a whirlwind of a week[s]. First, I had a going away dinner and a lot of people came by! So, I totally made it to SA by the grace of God. All of the stuff I got for my dorm was all Him. I didn't have the money to do anything, and God made a way. He's always there helping me and guiding me. My first night here no one was here. It was just me, and it was weird sleeping in a new place. Not my futon. Today I met the girls who share the bathroom! They seem nice. My roomie isn't here yet, but hopefully tomorrow she will be. :) I found all my classes, and they are basically in a square. That's that! I passed by the nursing complex when I was walking, and imagined going there for all classes. A year and a half with summer classes. Wow, I'll be done. I met my neighbor, and he's really nice.

Day 3. A song that makes you happy.

Music makes me happy, but one song that I can pick off my brain is "Go Away" by Eisley. It's a song of sadness, but to me I love it. The voice, the instrumentation, and the words. They all flow and I can't get enough. I listened to it leaving home. I welled up, but I know this is where I should be. I felt so...conflicted at home. Even though I had my friends, it just felt...weirdly depressing. Here, I can clear my head and realize what Rachel wants. Also, grow. I don't mind being away from everyone, I've always kind of alone. Plus, they're always a phone call/facebook/text away. No time to be sad! I'm at ASU!


#29: Awkward. Awkward. Awkward me.

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