Wash Off Your Face & Dance.

Has anyone done Bloglovin' before? I am thinking about trying it tonight.

Church was great as always, and I'm so happy. So much joy inside of this body. 3 days left and the devil is fighting me. Temptation literally at every corner.

He won't win. 

I have God on my side, and He always comes up on top. I'm sitting at the lab trying to do my math in my head. Not working. I think I like the updated look of my bloggy  a lot. It looks really neat and fun. I did like the black classic look but it never hurts to try something new. :) Thursday night and I'm really excited. Tomorrow I start my water fast. I haven't thought of any lonely aspects of my life the last three weeks and I'm really happy about that because I was consumed by that. It was so so overwhelming. Y'know? Now, I think that God is showing me there's way more to life than myself. I feel so grateful that He is my teacher. I am selfish, but my God [and yours] is selfless. I just have such a burden for my friends who don't know the Lord, or have been mislead.

Oh man, but honestly I missed meat. My mom is fasting with me and she actually loves this lifestyle and wants to keep it up. She is a spry chicken! Goodness. I hope you have a blessed weekend.


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