Dude, Woah.

Hehehe, hello.

So, it's been a few and I'm going to make this a short entry or whatevs.

I am off my fast! Let's hear it!!! Feeling so so good about that!

A celebrity died. Oh no. :( RIP!

Let's see, I've been doing really well. I am determined to keep up with homework and school. Still search searching for jobs. It's really hard, but God is on my side! Also! Gungor & Eisley are coming to Austin in March! Can't wait to see them! I want to at least make one concert. :3



Happy Valentine's! I've been seeing a lot of hot & cold responses to it. It's either you love it or hate it. Which is lame to me. It's a holiday, guise. I want to wish allll of my viewers a beautiful Valentine's [it's like, after 7pm here so it's almost over] and that your lovely wishes come true. Or came true. Whichever. What did you do today? So, my mom wished me a good V-Day and I went to school. My friend sent my mom chocolate covered strawberries! That was so sweet of her! Total surprise to my mom. I was so happy that made mom's day! Good things! When I was a kid, I said "Valentimes". Just saying. I was thinking of not just sprucing up the blog itself, but maybe even  making over the format of how I write?

I know most of you enjoy music. I do too! So, I was thinking of doing a weekly mixtape of stuff I'm getting into or my recommendations. Even the songs I've been listening to the most out of that certain week. I won't do a whoollle lot of songs, but maybe I could do like 10-13? If you please, give me some feedback in the comments. I don't want to overload anyone with music that might not be to everyone's tastes. That will DEF make me blog more and you guys get to see more of me! :)

Heck yeah. I need to blog more often because I just do. What's a better reason? So, I don't know if any of you get this, besides herskis, but I always get hit on by creepers. -___- I absolutely hate it. I mean, who would love it? Come. ON! Dude, guys who are half decent never come up to me. It's like I'm a creeper magnet. Do I have a sign above my head that says, "Creepers Only?!" SMH! In Wal-Mart the other night, I was randomly shopping at midnight, and this guy passes me by and says hello. Which is fine. Normal. Normy normal. Alright, I go to the dairy section and he comes up to me again and this is how this ridic convo went:

C: Do you work at the state school? [A school for the mentally challenged and socially inept.]
Me: No, I don't.
C: Are you from here?
Me: No.
C: Where are you from?
Me: Farther south.
C: Do you have a boyfriend? [What in the world?! Left. Field!]
Me: No. [I turn my back to him, ending the convo but he keeps rattling on.]
C: Are you married?
Me: Yes.
C: You just said no and then yes!
Me: I AM married.
C: Fine! I was just trying to get your number!

WHAT IN THE WORLD!?? This guy is black with nasty clothes on and his hoodie on his head in a store. Probably has body parts in his basement. Nasty!! 
Normal guys never talk to me. T___T Why God?! Anyways, always happens like this; I have it down to a science to get rid of them. My creepy neighbor who moved, random drunk homeless people when I lived back home. Just...! I don't even know. 

I need to get a gun. Last weekend, some of the youth and adults went to a V-Day banquet and one of the guys asked us if we wanted to go to the gun range. Guess who spoke up first? ;D 

So can't wait to go. Perfect first date. 

I've been wanting/scoping out a not-so-clean cut/rockabilly guy for a while: 

 Very nice. :) He's out there..somewhere! Probably not in SA. Probably....not. I saw a cool dude by the tat shop, but no. You never know.


A) I almost got this plaque from the Goodwill a couple weeks ago, and then I decided I wouldn't know where to put it. I DO need more things to decorate my apt with,because it's still bare after being there almost a year. :'( I'm definitely trying to spruce/Rachel it up.

B) My plans on decor. 

C) Remember Ring Pops?! Better than Baby Bottle Pops, and look how fat & awkward my hand is! Fatskis! I bought a bag of 4 for a dollar. Such a win. :33

I hope this week goes well for you. :) I spy some sneaky kids walking around the library. Oh! At the V-Day thing, we went to the mall after and I saw a guy who looked like Joey Ramone in Chic-Fil-A!!

Out there havin' fun. In the warm California sun.


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