Oh Me, Oh My.

Why, hello everyone! :)

My week/weekend of tyranny is over and I'm so glad!! One more exam and I'm scotch free. I passed my first math exam! Heck yes! I was SO pumped about that. I'm doing my homework as I write this, so I'm holed up in the library on campus. So, tomorrow is President's Day and nothing is open which stinks because school is all open like it isn't a holiday. Ugh; I guess it could be worse. This is random, but I know a new version of the iPhone came out that's white, but now that's ALL I see is white iPhones. No one has the regular black one. A few people I know. Like...5. Totally weird how the majority is very abrasive and upfront. I'm working on my first mix to put up for you and I think I'm going to go with  a list of <10 songs because almost a CD is just too much all around. Too much for you guys, and too much for me to put up. Does anyone know of a good uploader? I'm going to find out which one is better. I definitely want to do this the right way. I've been into this hairstyle lately:

Just loving it. Anyways, I'm def into making over Bare Bones and doing better at updating. A turn around in 2012! :D Do you ever read old stuff you've written down? I journal a lot. Ever since I was like, 8 and I was so weird. o_o No lie, and very ridiculous. I guess I can't help it now, but I was such a weirdo. This week is going to be radical because I only have one test and I'm semi-ready! :D Trying hardcore.

Let's get it.


PS: Last post I didn't format it into my favorite font; none of that this time. Verdana all the waaay!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Just don't upload those mp3s! Illeg. So illeg.
Here ya go! http://www.playlist.com/

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