Isn't It Strange?

Hello there. :)

How is your week going? It's punk rock [rawk] week and I couldn't be more happier to see my last exam go. Bye, sucker!

Still working on configgin' that mixtape. As she said in the previous entry, I am going to lay low from the PO, and leave a playlist for you. If you want the songs, and have no money to buy them from where ever, lemme know.  I'll get a carrier pigeon and send them to you. Just kidding, but I'll fix you up

Does that happen to you guys? If someone says something from a song, you have to sing it out? That happens to me a lot. Hahaha, I think it's pretty rad. Today, I saw 2 Mormon guys on bikes sneaking around my school. I kind of feel like that's cheating; there are like 18 year old kids who are away from home and have no idea what they're doing. Perfect targets. Not cool.I digress..

I promised pictures of my outfits, and that's exactly what I'm going to do! I've had some problems with my phone synching with my computer, so Monday's outfit probably won't make it up. =/ I have some pictures of my face, and stuff so I'll post that. Also, for today, I'm going to help you picture what I was wearing as well since my phone is on the fritz. Confession: I can not take pictures. I'm photogenic, but I can't hold a cam for my life. v_v

Kind of stinks, but I'll be okay! 

I am determined to post those Monday pics. I've decided. 

Tuesday from top to bottom:

That's how it went today. :) I wanted to mix it up and not do black socks. Too school girl. Also, I searched for a plaid skit and it's ridiculous. Had to choose the least sluttiest! D:<  Btw, those are the exact shoes I have. :3 I was really happy to see them online. No regrets on T.U.K creepers. I think I lost my Buddy Holly pin. :( I need to find it! I wrote yesterday, and now I'm writing again tonight! :D This is very good. I realized that I can wear my vest over my hoodie. It's cold in the mornings, but warm in the afternoons, so that's just the thing. I'm not so excited to see the spring, but I hate snow. If it just snowed in yards, I'd like it better. My faux hawk wasn't curly. It was just straight. 
This was Monday:

I tried to re-create that headband bandanna look that's oh so vintage. Usually, I never do it with my bangs out. I try to push all my hair upwards. Somewhere. X3 It didn't come apart all day, so I was glad about that. Look at my HK head phones! All in Hastings. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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