Time To Celebrate!

Hello, friends! I come with grand news!

I finally found a cute purse, and I can get rid of my crappy torn up one! :) O happy day! I also bought some cute necklaces. I figured out that I love lace; dark or light, that stuff is just so attractive to me. ♥ Here's what I got today:
I love this necklace, it's so pretty. :)

I've been wanting this purse for so LONG!! It was five bucks, babee!
I think this necklace is cute. It reminds me of the famous tattoo and Good Charlotte's first album. Hehehe.
Cute three dollar shoes. ♥ ftw

I spent under 40 bucks on all this stuff? I'm so proud of myself. Geez! I kid, but I got some cute things...I am actually trying to soften my look up a little. I always have loved pretty things, but never knew how to incorporate it into my clothes. Or I didn't have the money. So, now that I do, I'm slowly adding things that I consider girly into my day-to-day clothing choices. Any suggestions on how to be more feminine? Right now, I am actually girly, but I could stand to spruce up a bit. Just a dab. :D Wednesday is over and I have a test! S'laters!



Raye said...

That necklace is the cutest! Absolutely love it. :D I was fortunate enough to discover a new flea market type store in my hometown this past weekend, and I scored some pretty fake pearls for Murder Mystery Night that a friend of mine was hosting. I intend to go back once I get paid. Again, awesome stuff, and congrats on the bargains!


Kimhoay said...

AH! I love your new stuff! Especially the necklace! =] I think the new look will add to your new figure. hehehe

PS. My word verification was eysit. XD like, eye-sit.

billiemonster said...

Hello! I LOVE that necklace so much! And those shoes are friggin adorable.

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