Wanted: Necklace. Ending Date To Have: Eternity.

I feel needy.
Okay, hey guys. :3
Everyone's blogging! Yay!! It makes me happy inside. To the serious to the business woman, to me. I am just giddy. :D So neediness. I feel it because there is something I've been wanting ever since I was a tweener! This necklace from The Prince Of Egypt Moses wore when he was a teenager in Egypt causing trouble:

Actually, he was in a ceremony; they named him successor after his fake dad. Moses was a win; his adopted dad chose him over his real son. If you find anything similar to this necklace and it's available to buy, let me know! I want it. ;_; So badly. It reminds me of the bib necklaces out now. By the way, that's a wonderful movie. Even if you aren't a Bible fan, it's good. The music gets you. It's so pretty. Ironically, it's playing on my iPod. :D Ah, summer time. I talked to my school counselors about transferring, I am very excited about getting out of here.
Scott Pilgrim is coming out this weekend!! Who is going to see it!?? I am! O___O MichaelCeraMichaelCeraMichaelCera. I am not really going for anyone in particular. Just the movie. kbyes!



Kimhoay said...

Why don't you make the necklace? It doesn't look that hard. Just a bit of fabric, a fake stone, and maybe a leather cord? Or commission it out on Etsy. It might be a bit expensive there though.

Rachel! said...

Thanks, Kim! I'm a fail because I didn't think to make it. See you tonight! ♥

billiemonster said...

That would be a neat necklace for sure.

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