So a guy says to me, "Sweetie..."

Hey guys!
Rough week. Yesterday, I had to rush to get my tuition paid because Financial Aid was not doing that. If not, I wouldn't be going to school in the fall, and then everything would fall apart. I wasn't letting that happen. Iwouldsooncrawlintoaholeanddiethantobeherewaitingforanothersemestertocome. Ridiculous,no? D:

God totally intervened, because there was no way I could just pull 1400 dollars out of nowhere. Dad, thank you. I don't give you enough credit. :) Anyways, I'm good for now. Wow! It was 11 o'clock when I got there and you couldn't register after 11:30? Yeeeah. So, last semester and I'm really happy. This will be my last time going to that place. I'm ready. I read the rest of Scott Pilgrim...so good. O_O Go read it, and then watch the movie. I'm going to have my old Algebra teacher for my math teacher. No good!



PS: How is school for everyone?

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