Keep It Right & Hold Tight.


So, I have a blister on my index finger from bass playing! I'm excited! My friend is thinking about starting a blog; she has pretty poetry. :) I hope she gets one soon.
-COUGH, COUGHgetoneCOUGH, COUGH- Anyways, I did the unthinkable last night. I went to a country club. The only club/bar in a 30 mile radius! The Armadillo. It's located outside of Brazoria, and it was basically a dare or meet up if you will. lol, I had fun! Seriously! No lies! I learned the two-step, caught up with some people I haven't seen in a while, and danced with some dudes. I never would have went there if someone didn't invite me. It's very hick, and I thought I would feel very aware of my blackness. If that can get you in the right mindset. It wasn't like that! I was impressed! Uh, some drunk chicks were trying to set me up with their black guy friend but I wasn't having that! No, no, no! I like to try new things and broaden my thinking. It helps you in the end. I wouldn't go back, but still! Fun times; because of the fun times, I was uber late to work and I took a sXe picture. :) After I got home, I watched American Hardcore. It was really good! I liked it; it's basically a movie about the hardcore punk scene in America from 1980-1986. Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, H.R.,and a lot of others were interviewed and spoke on that era of music and how it changed music history forever. Hardcore came after the birth of punk music. Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, etc were all considered hardcore punk. It made me realize how much I listen to today; one of my favorites is The Dead Kennedys. I love them! I used to think I barely listened to hardcore; obviously not. lol. They even talked about the Straight Edge movement. I get mistaken a lot for being sXe, but I'm not. Haha, good documentary.

Dude. How hot was Henry back then?

Very. Preeeow.




j-kwan said...

1. Still thinking about it...have something else i wanna send you. :)

2. You like white guys.

3. I may or may not have way too many DK albums and a fairly worn out T.

4. Still judging you for "the dilla".

Seo said...

Henry's lookin' good!

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