The Heartbeat Of Everything.

I feel battle worn.
I want to bask in the sun with my lady love.
Feel the ocean breeze lightly against my skin.
My letters never seemed to really incorporate what I really want to say to you.
Everything is just falling apart.
These barracks, fields, trenches....hold memories.
Painful memories that I would rather fill with our summers in Venice and when I first met you.
How beautiful you were.
How elegant.
How you commanded a room with just your body language.
God has smiled down on me.
Blessed assurance.
Can I see your hair and smile gleaming in the sun now?
Only frustration and ignorance.
A myriad of greys and reds.
Blood is our second water.
I will come back to you, love. Don't worry too much.
This only for a short while...not forever.
I feel like my departure is nearer by the second.
I could coup de tat!
I hate this; give me back my life!
Before I take it.

I had to get that off my chest; I hope you like it. Happy Monday everyone! :)


PS: How are your Mondays going? This weekend was crazy for me! I was here, there, and everywhere but now I'm grounded. :D I also have major allergies so I feel a bit sick, but what can you do? I can't help it....I'm all stuffed up!


Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

i like your poem. I had no trouble getting to your blog this time. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog..
Mimitabby @ swapbot

j-kwan said...

beeeeeauuuty <3

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