10 Secrets That You Did Not Know About Me

How do I follow up my last post? I'm not going to. I will be moving on. I've said what I needed to say, and now I want to make the right steps in my life. I won't be complaining or whining. Just a smooth change. This week has been really lazy. Calm before the fall, I guess? :) Today I just laid in my room. Did as little as I could. I straightened up a bit which is a miracle for me! I'm really broke right now. Q___Q I can say now that I'm a broke college student. So much to do. Before I do anything: 10 secrets. You have to keep hush-hush, though. Promise?

1. I blocked out a lot of memories from my childhood.

2. I sometimes wallow in the pity of others.

3. I hate when people are dishonest.

4. I hate when I'm dishonest.

5. I love love. Romance. The mushy stuff.

6. I can be the shyest person you ever met or the loudest. It depends on the day and how I will connect with you.

7. I've never felt pretty before my junior year of high school.

8. My mom has never accepted me for who I am; that's okay, because I have accepted her.

9. I don't want kids, because I fear that I will become like my parents.

10. I'm eating ice-cream right now.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."


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Seo said...

Love yewwwwww! ^~

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