I'm Not Ready To Die, No.

Hey you!

We're finally...FINALLY moved in and all this sweet stuff! My entry title is from a song by O VICTORI! He is a really fun guy [fungi!] and I love his blogs about letters and unspoken words between his subjects. Also, his photography is nifty, I like it a lot. Stop by and leave a nice comment for him. He's a sweet soul. We now live in an apartment! It's actually my first one, and I love it. Not only is it in a safer neighborhood, it's actually clean. It's not gross from other people's lives. :) I am a happy bee. The end of the end. I passed US History. Yays! I want to post a more intricate details later. I wanted to update because I feel like I should. That's what bloggers do! ;> I am happy to see the summer go; I'm ready for the cool. The crisp, and leggings. I am obsessed with Oxfords, but more of that later. We don't have Internet at home and it feels like I lost a lung. So much....stuff...depends on it. Going to Austin to see my sister off to college. I'm so proud of her and I will miss her. She is going to do great things. :) I'm done.


PS: More posting, pictures & fun soon! ;)

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Kim said...

You're so good about updates... which I am so not. haha Aw, Leah! Miss her and her sarcasm already, mm hm! hehe Got Longhorns!

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