My Weekend & Updates!






1= Sarah & I found two cherries stuck together like the cliche image! We loved it. This is her going to town on hers. :) They're so tasty!

2= I bought a spinach pizza from Target. It was on sale. :D Yay, healthy food! Target is like...my dream store. @___@ They have...Harajuku notebooks, diaries, pencil cases, and a bunch of cute cute stuff. Even a filing cabby. If I had a legit office, I would SO buy it. I had to pressure myself into not buying the diary. It was SO CUTE, but I have so many journals at home that have yet to be written in. >___> Le sigh!

3= I got the new Nick Zinner[click 1, 2, 3.] photography book in the mail! Pre-order! It came with a vinyl of short stories, the book was signed, a picture from his personal collection that was signed, the book was numbered out of 250 pressings, and the record itself was grey!! I have never seen something like that. I was disappointed in how small the book was, because compared to his first book which is really juicy and big this one missed the mark. I think it's because of those short stories everyone could do without. =/ Whatevs, I got his autograph! Eeeee! ♥

4= This is a mini sunflower I picked playing 'He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not' game. I was at a friend's end-of-the-summer party being semi-bored. Not really. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

5= On the road home from Austin. Mom, Leah, & I went to UT to drop her off for school. Leah that is. Austin is so magical to me. What we did there wasn't. Hot, sticky, sweaty, and cold all at the same time. Moving up to the 9th floor with her stuff. Not fun, but the bubble tea was afterwards!! Yaay! I got two for the road. ;)
I drove home. Well, the last part in Rosenburg. I got some Schlotzsky's. I haven't had their sandwiches in forever! They are so good. Just like I remember. ♥ I really needed the time off. Just to think, y'know? I will be transferring soon, and the timing couldn't be better. I was walking around by the campus in Austin and imagining if I could live there. I can. I want to. It's so free and---I just like it. I'm applying there and some other schools. I can't wait to leave this place and atmosphere.
I could not be in more love with our apartment. It's nice, clean and ours. The best thing; we're safe. In a nice, quiet neighborhood and people leave us alone. No one asks for money or backbite. All my buddies go back to school tomorrow, and I have a week off. :) Yay! Now, what to do? I am updating the pictures & music. I didn't have internets to do that. Now I do; I should make a schedule or something. I have a fuller work load this semester to finish up my classes. I'm ready though; whatever to get out of here.

♥ you more & more each day,

PS: My tooth broke off and I didn't know it. I'm scared. :( Also, I saw some very gnarly pictures on weheartit. Watch your back. Merrr!


kimhoay said...

I <3 Target! They are so expensive though. I think it's because they donate 5% of their sales, so they have to make up for it somehow. Stop spending your money! I'm tired of hearing ya say you don't have any moolah. lol jk!!! I'll support ya if your homeless. XD jkjkjk!

Rachel! said...

lol, Kims! I pre-ordered that book a long time ago. :)

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