Semi-circles of another life.

♥ Hidey-ho! [lame.] I think I've had an awesome week. I finally made my dream reality by going to watch the sunrise at the beach! I brought my little sister along for the fun, and we ended up eating waay too much at Ihop. Yay for obesity! On the real, it was really fun and Spring Break was very needed for me. I am so happy I had that time to recharge and get ready for the second hump of the semestahhhh. Dude. Spring is almost gone, and summer will be starting. I feel like I can do anything right now, but once school comes a rolling it will be a slump once more. I think I am burnt out or something. Oh! Look at this gem I happened to get while in Houston:

This was the dimly lit coffee shop that I mentioned before! Agora's! The lighting is bad, but we had fun. I spilled coffee all over my friend! Heck yes! The tables looked like the trays waiters use to carry food out...what?! Tonight I will try to catch up on everything, and be ready for tomorrow.



kimhoay said...

Awww! I'm glad you had a great SB!! ^_^ I heart this post! hehe

Rachel! said...

I heart you. Thank you!! :)

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