Spring Break Attack!!!


So, Spring Break is officially here!! I am so excited! I just got done doing 2 swaps for my partners. One was a book swap, and I sent this beauty:

Not bad, right? So, I BETTER BE GETTING A LEGIT BOOK BY MY PARTNER. I got such a letdown last time. I seriously was bummed. No joke. I wanted to hit the beach this break, but I have all these distractions! My church is basically just blowing up with activities for the youth [i.e. me] this week. From painting to garage sales, it's been going strong. I actually just got back from sleeping over with my bestie. We never get to hang out because we live far away and we have adult-like things to do. Suuucks. If I could, I would make adulthood funnier. Some. Way. Sheesh, it's the pits sometimes. Oh! And I want to start a new section on my bloggy dedicated just to music! I have some ideas in the works, but we will see. ;) The other swap was to send a CD full of local music goodness to another person. I sent mostly While You Were Gone. They are really talented, and I'm not sure why they aren't signed yet. Also, they've been around for a long time. They are boss. Twitter is getting on my nerves.


PS: How is everyone's Spring Break hopping along? :D

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Coleen Franks said...

Hi Rachel, I'm following youth. I'm a crafter too. Would you follow mine as well? That helps me keep your in mind. I'll come back and explore.

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