Stuff That Sucks.



Let's list things that have to suck:

1. My internet, because apparently even when you pay the bill it still does not work. I have no internet except on my phone, and phone blogging isn't cool.

2. School is way harsh right now, and I don't have time or enough sleep to blog about magical, wonderful things! I'm sorry. :(

3. The shots I got from the concert [Tegan & Sara!!] were actually good. Muh, muh, MUH!! D':

I love you and I will be back,


PS: Here's a tenderoni poem for you to pine over.

You go under, never to return.
I stay ashore, watching and gripping your book until I can't feel my fingertips.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Your thoughts are all I have left.
A mere 250 pages.
To me, your imagination can't be contained or counted.
You would think I'd cry,
or do something insane.
I am utterly still, watching the waves go in and out.
I can't your silhouette anymore.
How does the ocean taste?
I want to be your underlying current.
When can I pretend to stop caring? To put your book on my shelf to semi-forget?
I am a fool, and you were the anchor to my solitary sea.

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