You Really Got Me.

I am currently reading this!
along with
Both are funny and just so real. It's great to read again, I missed it. Also, I am back in school, and I feel like I am in the Sophomore Slump. My grades are less than good, and I feel extremely burnt. I am sure that everyone else feels that way. I just feel alienated, and dumb. REALLY dumb. Bad? Yes. Also, my sleeping pattern is so radical. I am thinking about dedicating a corner of my blog to music. :) Albums that I think should be discovered or what I am currently obsessing over. Speaking of, I can't get over how cute & funny Charles and Ali are from their YouTube channel. I can't get enough of their lives. It's the cutest! Check it out, you won't be disappointed. :) Their dogs are flippin' adorable, it's ridic. My sister's friend, who is also my friend and native to Hungary, asked her to borrow one of my books for reading and learning English! I am excited to send him one, but he wants an 8th grade level book! I have no clue what to get him! But this did give me a reason to buy a rad mini notebook for him to write down words or phrases that he doesn't get. I love going to Target, it smells so nice! I'm going to use the other minis for jotting down weird occurrences in life.


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Agnes Sim said...

hi, agnes from swap-bot.
visited your blog n nice to meet you. ;-)

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