It Seems It's Getting Better All The Time.

Well. Hello!

It's Friday!! The weekend before Spring Break. Instead of getting ready for SXSW, I'm working! Yeah! :D No, but seriously. I am really happy SB is here and I asked off early enough to get all of the week off. ^__^ Oh yeah, I'll be living it up. My bed is calling me. Last night, I went to the lively city of Houston for some debauchery with my friend. Actually, we went to a Christian club. At night. At the University of Houston campus. They were real nice people. :) Oh! We actually saw Indian Christians! I've never seen that before ever! They were really nice; we accidentally walked into their meeting. Indians For Jesus. Afterwards, we searched the almost empty streets for something to do. We ended up at Agora. I spilled coffee onto my partner in crime and we went to the outdoor patio. While we were gazing out into the streets, I thought about how possible it is for me to live there. To study there for my degree. I've been basically beating up my sleeping, and I've been super tired the last two weeks. Ugh, me.


PS: Have a safe and wonderful Spring Break! Don't drink or drive! jk!


Seo said...

Dude! Those Indian Christians were rad! I wanna go hang with them instead, kinda.
And it's Agora. =] Not sure what that means exactly. Something Greek? Yes?

Rachel! said...

They were, but you should still go to Chi Alpha! Their meetings are right behind each other timewise. That name MUST be Greek because of all of the art and stuff. Found it! It's the meeting place in a Greek city. So appropiate gosh!

kimhoay said...

You're just kidding about drinking and driving?! =O lol Get some sleep, guh! And yay for the new banner wooo!

Rachel! said...

It is looking good! ♥ haha, do I ever kid, Kim?

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