Wednesday Thoughts.

So, with my random sleep pattern, I was up late last night. So what better way to night owl it up than watching movies! I watched Annie Hall, which totally supports the most squeamish New York Jew...Woody Allen. My gosh, he was such a complaining little so and so! It's about Woody living in New York and turning 40. He's been through 2 failed marriages and has picked up comedy. He is still looking for the meaning of life. In comes this pretty brunette who loves photography and life. We know her by Diane Keaton. Life ensues. The movie is really good; 500 Days of Summer probably mused from it. It ends realistically. I think that is the best ending sometimes.

Also, I finally got to watch a documentary that I've been longing to see: Afro-Punk! It was ok, the camera man must have been half asleep. The views were very weird. It was really eye-opening for me! The people on there were black people who are in bands, who are punks, who live differently than your average black hip-hopper on the street. The subjects talked about how they had to struggle in a culture that puts you down if you're not the same as everyone else; they sought out something less ordinary. And for some, even in the punk scene or rock scene, they didn't feel at home. They always saw themselves as the black person at a show or the sore thumb. They never felt at home. What was weird was some had a mindset of alienation, and didn't welcome other black punk kids to their side of the scene. I felt sad for them. For me, I understand what they are saying, but that isn't me. I'm not just punk. I don't see myself as "Oh, I'm a black girl so I have to objectify myself or make everyone stay away." I love people and I have friends who are different races. Not just white or just black. :) I think some kids who are trying to find who they are should appreciate who and what they've picked up on that journey. I can't say I haven't been teased for "liking white people music". I have, and ironically, it's the black people who do the taunting. It's a shame how racist my culture has become. The thing that oppressed us in the beginning is here again. I am going to live my life nonetheless. Not only that, God is most important in my life, not if someone likes me or not. He has blessed me beyond reason. My sister didn't understand why I watched this documentary. Haha, I wanted to see inside other people's lives. See how they are and what their thoughts are. I recommend everyone seeing this. Even non-black people! A shock! I know!

I bought some classic albums! All for under 15 bucks!

Punk O' Rama!

Another Misfits classic album, Walk Among Us!

I haven't listened to them yet, but I'm excited!


PS: I am so happy to not be doing my job's book review today! Yes.

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