An entry? Why, yes.


I've been so busy that I have neglected my small space on the interwebz, well no more!
So, I went to see Tegan & Sara two
or so weeks ago!!!! They were awesome!! I loved their set, and there was an encore, too! I so wanted to meet them, but we were at Warehouse Live, and it was jam packed. @_@ There was one guy who lit up in the middle of everyone, and we gave him dirty looks. I worked that day, so I was pumped the whole day. It was so exciting. I listened to their music for 3 days before the show. Do any of you do that? :) When we got the club, the line was wrapped around the building and stretched to the parking lot!! So many people! It was a fun show, though. Two of my last.fm friends were there!! It was awesome! I didn't get to party with them, but I'm sure we will soon. I got pictures and some video from the concert!! Yes! The opening bands were Steel Train and Holly Miranda. Steel Train reminded me of a New Jersey version of The Killers and the lead singer looked like my best friend's ex. Haha! Take a look:

1. Steel Train opening the concert and rocking it!

2. Tegan & Sara!! ♥ I guess I didn't take pictures of Holly Miranda. She wasn't that good, honestly. =/

3. They are just rocking it! Go, go!

4. :)

5. My last good one.

This lovely lady was kind enough to let me use her pictures, since she was 4th row from the stage! She knows my friend, Jen aka xZapEmDead on last.fm! Exciting! Thanks guys! ^___^

1. Both

2. Sara Quin ♥

3. Tegan Quin ♥

It was quite an amazing night. I was just happy to be there. Here is the setlist:

The Ocean ♥
On Directing
The Cure

Hell ♥
Sentimental Tune ♥

Walking With The Ghost ♥
So Jealous ♥
Where Does The Good Go? ♥

Speak Slow ♥
Dark, Come Soon ♥

Soil, Soil
Monday, Monday, Monday
Red Belt
Night Watch

Northshore ♥ = One of my ultimate favorites on their new album!
The Con ♥
You Wouldn't Like Me ♥

Back Into Your Head
Feel It In My Bones
Call It Off ♥

Living Room ♥

The encore was acoustic and stripped down. It was nice. Overall, it's a night I will never forget. It was great. So, my sister's friend asked me to do a scarf for him after seeing Leah parade around with a scarf I recently did! I was so h
onored!! I crocheted it and added a little extra:


Lightening bolts! Two of them!! I heard through the grapevine that he was so amazed that I even finished it. I used single crochet and a 5.5mm hook. He gave me dark blue acrylic yarn. It felt like it took forever, but I would put it down and tend to other things. :) It was fast and easy! Things have been going to full speed ahead and next week will be Spring Break!! I am so excited to get a week of relaxation! :) My friend gave me this to read:

What are you trying to say? I've heard of this book before and surprisingly, it's by a dude so I will see what is up.

It rained really hard one day last week and look at the wonderf
ul rainbow!!

Yeah! I haven't seen a real rainbow in such a long time.

Look, look!


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Seo said...

Awww, that scarf is awesome! You need to teach me. XD I can't believe I still can't get it right.
Have you started that book yet? It's a modern classic. Ending made me cry, d00d. D:
Likin' the pics/recording. ^__^ Taking down the set list is good reporting. =D

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